A Caravan of Carnivals

Halfway through July, the Youth Department has maintained a presence at a multitude of festivals in the area. Most recently the department had a booth positioned in the family fun tent of the Heart of Illinois Fair at Peoria’s Expo Gardens. In festival settings we see families from all walks of life.

Parents and kids form lines at our booth to participate in our Spin-The-Wheel, game where the participant spins the wheel to choose a safety topic to be quizzed on. In this environment everyone is both a winner and a learner. However, when the opportunity presents itself some festival goers approach our booth to ask questions about our services. Sometimes, they even ask how they can volunteer at the American Red Cross. Occasionally, we hear moving stories that must be shared. While working the booth, I got to hear this. Read the rest of this entry

Why I think Mabel Boardman should have a fan club

We have all heard about Clara Barton being awesome and starting the Red Cross, but there was a woman named Mabel Thorp Boardman that really made the magic happen. This Cleveland born woman was elected to the Red Cross board in 1901 and that’s when the American Red Cross started to become a really big deal.

Bottom line… chick was a rock star and I feel she totally deserves a fan club. The following images, I believe, prove my case… Read the rest of this entry

Red Cross Staffers Chat – Top things to have in a kit

Red Cross staffers, Ginger, Crystal and Erin, talk about the top 9 things you should have in your survival kit.  (Apologies in advance to those of you who like Spam.)

Water - 3 gallons per person for 3 days

Water – 3 gallons per person for 3 days

  • Erin - Okay, so I am going to say this straight – that’s a lot of water.
  • Ginger – Yeah it is, but you need this for everything from drinking to flushing toilets.
  • Erin - Point taken. I could put it in a big rolling garbage can in my basement, I guess.
  • Ginger – What if you need to get the heck out of your house?  How are you going to get that out? You can put a bunch of individuals waters in a backpack for each person in your house.
  • Crystal – Okay so, little miss pansy, right here can’t carry around 3 gallons of water on her back.
  • Ginger – Well you could do both… have individual ones and also some gallons in Erin’s rolling garbage can.
  • Crystal - That’s a good idea.
  • Erin – And I think it is a good idea for us to start taking you to the gym.

Read the rest of this entry

These pics are all you need to know about Red Cross in central IL

Last year, we…

Helped over 1,531 people after they experienced the devastation of a home fire.

Helped over 1,531 people after they experienced the devastation of a home fire.

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Capturing the hearts of teens through IHL

This blog is from redcrosschat.org.

I think I may be turning into an IHL nerd (Does that exist? Like a band nerd?). I just got an e-book copy of the Geneva conventions. Soren, IHL Action Campaign Participant and New Roots Charter School Student via Facebook

In a world of ever-decreasing attention spans and instant connectivity, it takes something special to capture the hearts and minds of American teenagers and young adults. But getting them captivated about International Humanitarian Law (IHL)? For three whole days? That’s really special. Read the rest of this entry

10 Photos that make you feel okay about ditching work for our golf outing

I know what you are thinking.  “Another golf outing this summer?  I just can’t miss anymore work for a round of golf!”

These next 10 pics may change your mind…

The event will be on July 24th at Metamora Fields Golf Course, designed by D.A. Weibring/Wolfard. A great course for every skill level.

The event will be on July 24th at Metamora Fields Golf Course, designed by D.A. Weibring/Wolfard. A great course for every skill level.


According to the Farmer's Almanac, it is going to be beautiful weather on the 24th!

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it is going to be beautiful weather on the 24th!

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Avoid the Fourth of July Buzz-Kill

I cannot believe that the Fourth of July is already here.  It is the unofficial midpoint of the summer and usually a great day to enjoy some grill delights and fireworks.  And, this year in central Illinois, we will be enjoying some “fan-tab” temperatures thanks to the cold front that came through earlier this week.  Only a high of 79 tomorrow? No humidity? AMAZING!

I know many of you are getting ready to skip out of work early today to hit the road or to run to the store before the mob scene descends after 5pm, so I thought I should throw a little bit of Fourth Safety at you.  There is no bigger Fourth of July buzz-kill than a trip to the emergency room. Read the rest of this entry

The Evil Force is Upon Us

Webster’s Dictionary defines humidity as “an evil force that arrives in central Illinois each summer.  Causing countless women to wear hats or just simply give up on looking decent until fall”. Okay, so that’s a lie… It is my definition of the calamity that hits central Illinois every summer.  I know that when things in life are unavoidable, it is important to be prepared, and being the good Red Crosser that I am… Read the rest of this entry

Fatherhood, Family and Serving our Country

I had to share this story because not only is it a good one, but also, HT is an amazing guy!

It’s not often that we run across a person who’s had two successful careers in one lifetime, a wonderful fifty-year marriage and the chance to raise two lovely children. Well, that’s exactly what H.T. Linke has done and all while serving his country as a soldier in the U.S. Army and as a public relations professional for the American Red Cross.

“The best phrase to describe my husband, H.T., is that he is a ‘True Gentleman’, which is the creed of his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon,” said wife Carol Linke. “To say that he is a kind, loving, caring, and understanding husband and father is an understatement. We have been married almost 50 years and he is as much a gentleman today as he was when we were dating, still opening and closing doors and allowing me to enter first.”

Linke had a distinguished military career with assignments that have taken him from the Berlin Wall in Cold War Germany to the rice paddies of Vietnam to the frozen hills near the DMZ in Korea, and all across the United States. He’s led men into combat; served as a battalion commander; was press aide to the Secretary of the Army at the Pentagon; and Chief of Public Affairs for both the United Nations Command in Korea and U.S. Army Pacific in Hawaii. Read the rest of this entry

What Does the Fox Say: More than 150 years of assisting the military

The Red Cross was born on the battlefields of Europe when Henri Dunant witnessed the Battle of Solferino in 1859. Clara Barton’s mission of service started on the battlefields of the American Civil War in 1862. The humanitarian compassion that inspired our founders continues to inspire us today. We serve the more than 2 million military members and 23 million veterans and their families with social services, emergency communications and assistance in military and veteran health care facilities in their own communities, and Red Cross workers are deployed alongside the military, across the country and around the world. Red Cross call centers transmitted nearly 320,000 emergency communications to 131,000 military members and their families last year and nearly $7 million in financial assistance to more than 6,000 families on behalf of the military aid societies. Read the rest of this entry


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