Take care of you

The events that happened in Moore, Oklahoma are beyond tragic. Multiple deaths (many children), widespread devastation and demolished homes. Many lost everything… Their home, their place of work, and even a family member. What they are going through is just unimaginable.

As I sit here in my home in Illinois, I find myself deeply saddened. I haven’t lost what many have in Oklahoma, but watching the images on TV, the Internet and twitter make me feel a combination of guilt and grief. As a mom and a Red Crosser, I think about the emptiness many parents feel tonight since their child is gone, and I can’t help but think what the Red Cross people on the scene are seeing.

All day and night I have been keeping up to date on what the news headlines are. Not only is it my job to stay in the know, but it is also just hard to look away. About a hour ago, my boyfriend came up and took my iPad away and simply said, “Baby, take a break from the disaster”. After I almost belted him for taking away my technology, I paused and realized he was right.

So if you are like me and find yourself glued to the news broadcasts, you may want to take a little advice from the ARC…

-Limit your exposure to the sights and sounds of disaster, especially on television, the radio and in the newspapers.
-Eat healthy. During times of stress, it is important that you maintain a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.
-Get some rest. Giving your body and mind a break can boost your ability to cope with the concern and worry you may be experiencing.
-Stay connected with family and friends. Giving and getting support is one of the most important things you can do. Try to do something as a family that you have all enjoyed in the past.
-Take special care of children. With schools affected, it may be very scary for children. Encourage them to talk with you about how they feel.
-Stay positive. Instead of worrying about what may happen next, take a little time to prepare yourself for disasters like building a disaster kit or downloading the free Red Cross tornado app.

I am sure you are wondering how I am typing this without technology, well I might have stole the iPad back but I do plan to practice what I am preaching. I will be turning off the iPad as soon as I post this, and you should, too. Take a break from your technology and take care of you.

The Red Cross is working around the clock to help in Oklahoma. Shelters are open, volunteers are assisting, food and water are being provided and 30 Emergency Response vehicles are there or on their way. If you would like to help, please support Red Cross disaster relief by visiting redcross.org/donate, calling 1-800-REDCROSS or texting “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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