No vacation for first aid

You only have to read through a couple of my posts to see that I love my job. The people, the mission, the duties… It’s a big deal to me. But everyone needs a break every once in a while, and last week I was at the point of overload. So for the good of all mankind, we decided to get out of town for a few days. My boyfriend and I have our camper in rural Knox county near Victoria. It’s beautiful, and its just far enough away from home to feel like a mini vacation but close enough to go without much planning. I found coverage for Red Cross communications, turned off my work phone and we hit the road.

It was great! We grilled out every meal, stayed out late chatting around the fire and met new people. But we started to notice a common theme with our new friends… EVERYONE fished. My dad was a professional fisherman, so, trust me, I know my way around a tackle box, but it just really wasn’t my boyfriend and my thing. First of all, there’s the baiting the hook with something alive (well, that is more my problem), and then there’s the sitting around waiting for a fish to bite. We are movers and shakers, so there was no attraction. Yet all that changed after the 10 millionth conversation about good fishing spots. My boyfriend was determined we’d give it a whirl.

After an early morning trip to town, we loaded up our golf cart with all our brand new gear and went to one of the many lakes on the grounds. About 10 minutes after I threw my first cast, I had a nibble! And then BOOM, I reeled in my first fish of the day!


Ok, sure, it was a blue gill about the size of a minnow, but I caught it and it was fun! Soon after my boyfriend caught one!


Obviously, we were not going to be cooking any of these little guys, but we were having fun! One hour turned into 2, and we were still reeling them in! But then my boyfriend caught something he didn’t expect.

I had just cast my line when I heard, “Erin, I think something is poking me”. I went down to him and checked his arm. I found what was poking him… A fish hook that went in BACKWARDS… Literally, the hook was outside and the eyelet was under his skin! Apparently, he got his line caught in a tree, and when he yanked it loose, the line came back and hooked him! With one look, I knew it was not going to come out without a fight so I wrapped his arm in a bandage from my Red Cross first aid kit I had in our cart, and then packed up to go back to the camper.

After a quick scan of my Red Cross First Aid app, my boyfriend’s arm was de-hooked, the wound was clean, his arm was bandaged, the bleeding stopped and I felt like a rock star. Even though I wanted to not think about the Red Cross for a few days, I was very thankful that I still did. I knew how to respond to this mini emergency, I had my first aid kit with me and I had downloaded the first app on my phone for quick reference. Since I knew what to do, our trip wasn’t spoiled by a trip to an emergency room.

So if you are heading out of town, or just going away for a weekend, make sure you are prepared. Have a first aid kit, download the first aid app and consider taking a Red Cross class, because even though you are on vacation, emergencies aren’t.

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